2020 Virtual Sock Hop

Celebrate safely with us!

The health and safety of our community is our top priority, that's why we're going virtual.
Our 2020 Sock Hop allows you to join us from the comfort of your home as we revisit The Catholic Club's Dancing Stars of the past.

This year’s Sock Hop will be a “Dance Off”  which will span three rounds of voting over three weeks. In the end, a Grand Champion will be named.

It’s easy.  Watch one or all 18 videos by clicking on the link below. You can do this at your convenience any time during the day or evening. Each week the contestants will be narrowed down and you will vote again!  There is even a “2nd chance bracket” if your favorite doesn’t make it through the first week! I am sure you will recognize many of Toledo’s favorite personalities.

Once you are done watching these great performances, you are given the opportunity to make a donation and vote for your favorites. Once you have made the donation, you will receive a link each week to vote. You decide the winners! Regardless of who is “crowned” the “Catholic Club Sock Hop Grand Champion”, I can tell you who the winner will be, the kids at the Catholic Club. Your financial support will allow the Catholic Club to keep its doors open now during this turbulent time and well into the future.


How it works

  1. Get Access - Submit your contact information below
  2. View the Dances - Reminisce by watching one or all 18 of your favorite dance couples
  3. Donate - Make a minimum $25 donation to receive your ballot
  4. Cast your Vote - Vote for all your favorite performances (Voting ends Thursday night for each round)
  5. We’ll tally the results each week
  6. Check back on website for results and to vote again


Virtual Sock Hop Dance Couples

Sharyl & Terry

Sean & Andrea

Mckenzie & Bob

Kristi & Gil

Wendy & Tom

Jane & Gil

Tom & Lorie

Dane & Mandy

Dr. Jim & Mandy

Mike & Kristin

Lisa & Tom

Jennifer & Tom

Deon & Mandy

Jeff & Lorie

Ashley & Gil

Tim & Kristin

Nancy & Bob

Fr. Jeremy & Brenda


Sock Hop Supporters





Start Casting Your Vote

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"I wouldn't send my kids anywhere else or recommend anywhere else!  I feel like I have a great relationship with the teachers; they are very hands on, very attentive overall and I trust them with my children!  The Catholic Club also offers swim lessons which I think is awesome!"