Covid19 Update Fall 2020 - Classes coming soon! 

Although we are not currently in session, we are actively planning! We will be offering small, semi-private classes beginning soon.  We will accommodate children in the same family who are at different swim levels at the same class time. Instruction will be individualized.  A parent or designated adult will be required to be in the water for children who cannot swim on their own. A survey was sent out recently.  If you did not receive the survey please contact us! 

Call Erin at 419-243-7255 or email: for more information.  

6 month – adult

4 weeks long with ½-hour lesson each week

$30.00 per 4 week session
Scholarships are available

Each lesson is taught by a qualified swim instructor/lifeguard.  Some class levels have prerequisite skills required. An instructor will assist you if you are unsure which level to register your child in. We reserve the right to change your child’s placement after the first class if we determine that he/she is registered into the wrong level. Your child will receive a certificate at the end of each session to advise you of the level that he/she will be in for the next session. Please be aware that most children require many sessions at the same level to learn all skills that it takes to move to the next level of classes.

Payment must be made at the time of registration. We ask that you register at least one week before classes are scheduled to start so that we can properly plan our classes and instructors. 

Classes with less than two registered will be combined with another class or canceled. Classes will always be held the first week before a determination will be made to combine or cancel.

A parent or designated responsible adult must remain in the building during the child’s swim lesson, and supervise young children in the locker-room. You may never simply drop your child off for his/her lesson. You or a designated adult must remain in the building for the duration of the lesson.

Swim Lesson Levels


Parent and Child
6 months to 3 years old
Basic water adjustment, floating and beginning swim skills. 
Parent must participate in the water with your child.

Preschool Level
3 - 5 years old
Basic water adjustment, floating and beginning swim skills.
Must be independent enough to participate without a parent in the water.

Advanced Sunfish Level
6 - 14 years old
This class is for those children who have basic water skills but need improvement on basic strokes.
Must be able to swim the width of the pool (20ft) and ½ of the width on their back prior to joining this class.

Dolphin I
Intermediate Level
6 - 14 years old
Must be able to swim one width of the pool (20ft) front stroke and back stroke with no assistance prior to joining the class.
Breathing technique, breast stroke introduction and other intermediate skills taught at this level.

Dolphin II
Advanced Dolphin Level
6 – 14 years old
Must be able to swim 1 length of the pool (25yds.) prior to joining the class.
Advanced techniques and advanced stroke introduction taught at this level

Advanced Level
7 – 14 years old
Must be able to swim two lengths of the pool (50yds.) prior to joining the class.
All four major strokes are taught at this level in addition to endurance and breathing techniques.


You will be required to complete a permission form for your child to participate and you must remain in the building while your child is participating.  You must supervise young children in the locker room during changing times. There will be a certified lifeguard on deck whenever the pool is open.

"I wouldn't send my kids anywhere else or recommend anywhere else!  I feel like I have a great relationship with the teachers; they are very hands on, very attentive overall and I trust them with my children!  The Catholic Club also offers swim lessons which I think is awesome!"